If you had all the moments that have already passed you by in life again, you know when you say I wish I hadn’t wasted that time or I missed that I wasn’t paying attention, they’d still pass you by.

Unless you are in this moment, the one right now, as in the moment you are reading these words. Consciousness is the only way to appreciate the moments of life. Being awake and aware of your environment, your breathing, the sounds, the energy in your body, free from our thoughts, and focused.

We can’t have the ones that have gone, as they only exist as an image in our minds, and we can not have the ones yet to come, we can only have this one, enjoy it.

15 things that bring me joy, what’s on your list?

These are not in any particular order:-

1. Doing my art

2. Walking in the woods with the dog or any walking

3. Travelling to new places

4. Helping others

5. Being kind

6. Reading books or listening to podcasts

7. Sitting watching the sea or a fire and just relaxing

8. Cooking

9. Talking and discussing things

10. Spending time listening to or playing with kids

11. Breaking the rules

12. Getting things done so they don’t build up

13. Doing things/activities with friends

14. Driving for just the fun of it with no planned destination

15. Listening to music especially live music

These and many more things bring me joy. Now I know this, I have no excuse not to do them.

Oh, and one more, writing my daily blog.

What brings you joy?