I have nothing to complain about

The default human condition for most of the 7 billion + people is to find something to be discontented about, to moan or complain about and to seek solace with others who want to complain too. The mind loves to complain and voraciously seeks more.

What if the default human position was ‘Thank you for everything that is and that I am and I have nothing to complain about’?

This simply requires changing our practice from energising our repeating thought patterns of moaning, to instead, choosing acceptance and gratitude from our true essence and being.

Wow, what an amazingly different world it would be.

Never moan, ‘vote with your feet’

There has been a good deal of moaning and criticism of British Gas’s announcement to increase prices by 12%, hardly justified for a private company that saw profits of £1.6 billion just two years ago. Especially, as other energy suppliers will follow suit no doubt and this is the worst situation for the consumer, a private cartel controlled monopoly.

None of the moaning, however, will influence anyone at British Gas to not put up their prices.

However, many people have ‘voted with their feet’ in recent years, like 377,000 have left them to another supplier. This has led, along with some other bad business decisions, to a major fall in profits. Before you start feeling sorry for them they still made a hefty profit.

As the Dalai Lama said ‘if you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito’.

We all have the power to make change happen if we choose. If we are unhappy we can ‘vote with our feet’ and it is far more powerful than we realise.