Often we have things that occur, situations that arise, that jolt us into reality. Like we’ve been suddenly awoken from a deep sleep, startled, shaken.

These moments are when we feel surreal. But it is these very moments that are when we are actually fully conscious, and as they are so few, that is why we feel they are strange.

Like sudden amazing beauty in nature, a birth, or something shocking like a car crash or a death.

The thing is if we focus on being present and we experience each moment, we do not have to rely on a jolt to wake us up.

Means or end

We can always do better is the default thinking.

What’s wrong with that?

The challenge is better is subjective and it also implies that we have not done something well. It is always looking into the future so everything becomes just a means towards a mind projected end. So there is no focus on the ‘doing’ just the outcome.

We could choose to accept what we have done, learn for sure, but perhaps to say we did this thing or another element really well, how can we do more of what we did right next time.

The key is to focus on the ‘doing’ with all our concentration, being in the moment, instead of the focus being on some imagined future outcome. So the means is the end. The outcome is a distraction and a drain on our positive focus as we start to engage with anxiety about the end.

The means is the end and not a means to an end because when we focus on the end we are lost right now and do not produce our best. The end is a projected outcome that doesn’t exist. The doing right now is all we have and that’s what counts.