Being on the network ensures no value

In today’s networked world of the internet, Google, social media, e-mail, podcasts, blogs, and the list goes on, it is easy for others to find someone who is doing better work than us if we opt for mediocre or just good enough.

The best work we are capable of now is all that we can aim for and that requires us to focus on that thing and that alone.

Therein lies the paradox, we have the amazing opportunity of a potentially limitless audience for our work. However, the more time we spend in the shallow networked world, the poorer our focus will be on producing our best work.

Working in depth and with total focus on work that really counts is the skill that will enable us to survive the networked world and become valuable. Nothing of any great value comes easy or is produced without a deep focus.

Being constantly on the network will ensure we build no value.



Whenever we feel anxious or unsettled, perhaps, when we are worried about something then the mind goes into overdrive and we imagine fates worse than death.

The best cure for these things is distraction, whatever that may be for each of us. Stick a film on, grab a book, go for a swim, speak with someone, call a friend, go out to the cinema…

If you leave the mind idle, you will simply sit and add more misery and woe, your chimp brain will go to that filing cabinet of past misery and bad outcomes that we all have in our heads and pull out every single file.

A simple distraction will switch the brain off.