Making something

When we create something tangible, real, an object, art, a sculpture, making food, a cake, something from wood or metal, whatever that is…there is a real connection with the object and process. As humans we love to have that connection, however, in a mainly digital world, we are no longer crafting anything by hand.

When we work on a screen, the mind is active, the brain is constantly stimulated and when we are online, then there are endless distractions. However, when we do something manual and physical, the mind is quiet and we are in the moment enjoying the doing, we are concentrating and then we are at peace within.

Making something real is also creating a real life, this moment experience and that is the essence of life.

Go and build or make something and see how it brings joy.

Building a table

I’ve been taking out some partitioned walls at home and this has left a stack of lovely timber. Rather than burn it I decided to recycle it by making an outside table from the wood.

After all how hard can it be to build one. Four legs, a frame and a top, right? Well, umm, no not that easy.

Well not having built one before it’s a little more challenging than you think.

That’s a great life lesson, other people have skills we don’t and that’s where their value is. Often we think that the work others do is easy and should be cheap. Oh it’s just a table, just a website, just a bit of accounting…

If other people’s work is good then you are paying for their experience so that we don’t have to waste the time doing all the trial and error work to get good.

For us we just need to find the thing we’re skilled at and then build the value by becoming really good at that thing.

I’m probably not going to pursue a career in furniture building but I’m happy I had a go and recycled the wood and after I’ve built the top we’ll have a good table. It just will have taken 5 times longer than a carpenter would have.

**** Update – the now finished table