A simple route to purpose

Most of us are engaged as knowledge workers, where we do mainly repetitive and not very fulfiling daily tasks. It leaves a discontent, a feeling that we are not really making a difference.

We can’t all be entrepreneurs or freelancers, we can’t all quit our jobs immediately and roam the world. Of course, over a period of time, anything is achievable.

However, we can choose on a daily basis to do some art, to write a journal, to craft something, to make something, baking a cake, cooking, singing, playing the guitar…to do a small thing that gives a sense of contributing, of doing something that is purposeful. Stepping away from the dripping tap of distraction that is the digital unreal world of unconsciousness.

We live in a world that is instant everything, yet we are so unsatisfied. Satisfaction comes from being present and focusing on one thing, often a simple thing, that brings us real joy and taking our time to enjoy it, not rushing to elsewhere.

Moments of serenity

When I do my daily art, I feel completely calm, relaxed and tranquil.

A moment away from the world, a moment of peace.

It is a form of meditation.

Art is a human thing, a gift, we are all artists, we all have our own unique talents.

If you do not do any form of art, which could be writing, visual art, playing an instrument, making something, singing…and so on, then I urge you to take time to squeeze it into your daily routine.

No need to share it, although, I do believe that sharing things helps make connection with others, which is another critical thing for us humans, and it helps in the process of getting even better at something.

I am truly grateful that I have chosen to practice art on a daily basis, it has had such a huge impact on my life.

A moment of serenity is what I have every day of my life and that is something that I would not swap for anything.