Easy things stop us doing what we really want

The ‘easy’ things in life get harder.

The ‘hard’ things in life get easier.

It’s the mind that decides that ‘hard’ things are tough or challenging.

When we only do the easy things we suffer because all the things we really want to do in life are labelled ‘hard’ by the mind. It’s the easy things that stop us doing what we really want as we are tricked by the mind to see these stalling, avoidance tasks, as ‘easy’ and instantly gratifying.

We become uncomfortable in our comfort zones. Stuck just doing easy things and missing the joy of doing what we really want to do.

Want to change something?

If we want to change something, and of course, that is our choice completely, then we have to be prepared to make sacrifices and to build habits.

Nothing will change by chance and no point in relying on ‘gurus’, books, or others. Change is our responsibility alone and is an inside job.

When we choose something we want to change, then we have to monitor how we behave in regards to the change we want to make. No good if we want to be more patient, for example, and not noticing when we are still impatient. We can choose to carry on with the short-term ‘easy’ of ‘well, I’ll change that later’ or we can say to ourselves ‘I see that is not how I want to behave now, and I’m going to endeavour to not do that again’.

Change is always personal and if we feel there is nothing to change, that’s ok too as none of us are broken. However, unless we take constant regular steps towards making a change and monitoring it, then it won’t happen.