We feel guilty because we are worried about how others are judging us.

The internal mind-construct of the story of ‘me’ is concerned about its exterior image.

The ego is concerned about what others might think about us if we do not do something or equally if we do something too.

Amazingly, the little mind-made ‘me’ can find anything to create guilt about. It is all part of the story.

If we choose to accept that, what we do or don’t do, is no one else’s business. Equally, whether we are doing something for others, or not, does not matter or affect our worth as a person.

Guilt is a self-inflicted pain that we choose to have or not. If we choose to accept that others are responsible for their own lives, happiness, etc and we are equally accountable for ours and no one has to justify any choice, then we can have peace within.

Peace comes from accepting what is, accepting ourselves and others too and not associating ourselves with our ego. Our mind and ego are not us.

The need to measure

If you measure your life based on achievements, well what you achieve is what you feel you are worth.

If you measure your life based on money, well what money you have is how valuable you feel.

If you measure your life on friends on social media or likes or any other form of attention, then how many friends, likes, and attention you have/get is how loved or appreciated or special you’ll feel.

If you measure your success on material things, such as a house, car, belongings then how much stuff and how big your stuff is will determine your success.

If you measure your life on the job and the title then the bigger the perceived job and title, the more important you’ll feel.

The challenge with measuring your life in any way is that all forms are temporary, so the big house or important job will go, the money in the bank too. In fact, it all will, including your own physical carnation.

In order to measure, you’ll have to compare yourself to others and there will always be someone you perceive to have more, so you will actually find yourself in a constant state of dissatisfaction and constant lack.

Finally, our worth is not measurable, we are born with a deep inner soul, that is worthy whatever occurs in the mind-possessed state that most live their lives, the one full of comparison, measurement, judgement and our ego-lead story of ‘me’.

In a fully conscious and aware state, we realise that this current moment is all that matters and so whatever happened or whatever we had before is not relevant it is gone, it is just memory in our mind.

Real soulful life is free of the need to measure, it is about just being.