What comes to challenge us helps to enrich us.

No matter what your path is, there is always something that will come to test us, it is the only way that we expand and grow.

It is easy to be in the moment and present when there is nothing happening, but perhaps when a challenge does occur, how we react and learn is what matters. Staying peaceful, present and conscious is not always easy. However, the more we recognise when we are not, the growth comes and we learn what triggers our mind and our pain bodies. The moment we realise we are becoming the reaction is the moment that we are returning to awareness.

Lastly, we can all afford to be patient with ourselves. Each moment is what matters, not the constant focus on a future goal.

I want life to be easier

The more we strive and seek to make life ‘easier’ the less life has a value or worth. We fight and struggle to avoid problems or challenges that in itself brings negativity and all the challenges of the mind. Easy is another way of avoiding life, of not showing up and then struggling with all the angst of the fears of failure, of not being worthy.

Let life be, the challenges are there for us to experience and to learn from and to grow. The struggle and sacrifice bring us long-lasting peace and joy, a chance to be in the moment and to let things be, surrending to what comes our way and removing the fight. Simply living, a thing that people rarely do anymore, as they are too busy in their minds worrying about how to make things better when life is already amazing right now.

The purpose of life is to be, to live, not to seek constantly something other than what we already have in the hope that life will be better and easier.