Bad things

I’m 54 years old and I struggle to think of anything that has happened to me that has been really bad, as in life threateningly awful, really, really bad. Furthermore, anything that I have not been able to deal with.

Yet in my mind, I have imagined almost every horrific thing that you could come up with and not just once but again and again and yep, again. If all the bad things I had imagined might happen, had happened, well I wouldn’t be 54 and I wouldn’t be writing this blog. Even if 1% of them had occurred, then life would have been beyond description ‘bad’.

We can stop our worrying…bad things happen in the mind, which we control. In real life not much happens really…we to be worried about and the worrying stops us enjoy the good.

All the worries

All the things we worried about won’t matter at the end.

In fact, they don’t matter, because a worry is only our mind’s projection into the future. The future never happens and doesn’t exist outside our minds.

If we want to stop worrying, we can simply spend more conscious time in the now, the present moment, and less time thinking about something that does not exist and never will.