Bad things

I’m 54 years old and I struggle to think of anything that has happened to me that has been really bad, as in life threateningly awful, really, really bad. Furthermore, anything that I have not been able to deal with.

Yet in my mind, I have imagined almost every horrific thing that you could come up with and not just once but again and again and yep, again. If all the bad things I had imagined might happen, had happened, well I wouldn’t be 54 and I wouldn’t be writing this blog. Even if 1% of them had occurred, then life would have been beyond description ‘bad’.

We can stop our worrying…bad things happen in the mind, which we control. In real life not much happens really…we to be worried about and the worrying stops us enjoy the good.

Things that never happen

We spend a good deal of our energy and thought time on outcomes.

By default, we look at the worst possible outcomes and then work towards more positive ones.

Here’s an interesting thing, most of the worst outcomes, and they are often worse than apocalyptic, never happen, nor do the really bad ones, the OMG scary shit ones and so on.

How many of the worst things you’ve imagined, planned for, worried about, panicked about, maybe even lost sleep over has happened in the last day, the last week, the last month, the last year or during your entire life? I’m guessing less than a handful, in fact, maybe 1 or 2.

How much time have we wasted worrying about them? Maybe an hour a day? That’s as much as 29,000 hours over a lifetime or 1,216 or about 3 years!!

Optimism, and setting a default of only thinking about the best outcomes, will not only massively improve our well-being, chance of success and day-to-day lives, it would give us 3 years back to be able to deal with anyone of the handful of really, really, really shit things that might happen in your life.

If you made a list of the things that you’ve imagined but have never actually happened, they would make the world’s biggest book, look like a short poem.

Think best possible outcomes first.