Controlling us

There are real tangible things, like a rock or a tree, perhaps a house, or a horse.

Then there are the myths that humans created, like countries, laws, money, a limited company, and so on. These things are of the mind and only exist as long as we all collectively keep the myth going by believing and abiding by them.

If we are not content with the world and the myths that control us, then we can stop following them or create some new myths.

But be certain, myths are what has been controlling humans for 10’s of thousands of years.

The soul and the mind

Our soul is our light, our wisdom, our constant true essence.

Our mind is like a weather vane in the wind, blowing in all directions and fluctuating constantly.

Yet we attach ourselves to the mind and its fluctuations and believe it is us.

The soul is and always will be the true and only person we are.