Without conditions

To be genuine about anything it has to be without conditions.

Love, kindness, generosity, empathy…whatever it is, can only be authentic if there are no strings attached to it, no looking for a return, no agenda.

The real things that matter are unconditional and from the heart in a state of consciousness. Once the mind becomes involved it will be driven by ego and manipulation, an agenda will be there.

The secret life in our heads


We all have this secret life in our heads.

Uh oh, maybe it’s just me.

It is where we often imagine how we might like to be and pretend that is how we are inside our heads.

It’s a fantasy life.

Living a real one takes practice and that is all we need to do, one step at a time, practice building our real life based on the one that we live out in our head.

It is just learning the habit of taking one almost unnoticeable step, after another, in the direction of our dream life day-by-day.

What will hold us back is making the steps too big and too complicated.