Double life

When we are not ourselves we end up living a double life, where there could be one mask for work and one for home.

In fact, we could have multiple masks, but inside we just want to have one and show it to the world always.

It is one of the hardest things we face and it takes a huge amount of bravery to just show ourselves as we are.

It’s inside

Of course, we can look outside, but change and accountability come from within.

There are no other factors in whatever happens in our lives other than how we choose to react and what actions we choose.

The only element that is consistent in every single second of our entire journeys is us, we are there for every moment of our lives.

What we do is all that matters as we can not control anything or anyone else.

The more we accept and the more we let go, the easier it is to show up, the easier it is to give ourselves permission to be us. True belonging comes we when we are prepared, as Brene Brown beautifully says, to brave the wilderness that comes when we are truly ourselves 100% without fear. Belonging isn’t doing the easy thing and fitting in. It isn’t looking to others for change.

As always, this a journey, a work in progress and something that takes often a lifetime to obtain, but that’s ok because it’s about small steps to getting even better and staying a learner, not judging our own failings. Kindness to ourselves is a massive step.

It is inside us all, it’s a freedom what we choose to do.