Bare yourself to the world

We can only truly be ourselves if we let go of all the roles the mind makes us play. Presenting this false image to the outside world, the subterfuge that we engage in daily…masking ourselves in fear of the real person being seen.

To be truly ourselves we have to quit acting and start just being. We have to be brave enough to be brutally truthful and faithful to the person we really are. We have to step away from the charade and become the naked version that we hide.

The different hats we wear to act out all those stories, that our ego wants us to be, only mask the real you and me.

We suffer behind these masks and facades…where the real person is crying to be seen.

Let go of stories, throw out the costumes and bare the real you to the world and end the suffering each acted out role causes us and others.

Get naked

When we are facing death nothing matters, we are naked, exposed and urgent in doing things that we care about.

Guess fucking what? We are all facing death from the moment we are born.

Get on Philip, it doesn’t matter what others think, it doesn’t matter if someone steals it, share it. I don’t care if you think I’m an idiot or if it goes wrong. The outcome isn’t important, it is starting, learning, improving and actually doing something.

Our moments of greatness are the day we start, the day we dare to be exposed.

Screw it just do it and get naked.