Pointing the finger at others and prejudice

Ask yourself, do you go a day not judging another person for whatever it is? Do you walk down the street and label people based on nothing but our own prejudices, perhaps just for what they wear? Do you see or hear about a famous person, or someone you’ve never met, and pass a judgement on them? Do you hear second hand stories about a person and criticise them? Do you judge others, for whatever reason?

You are not alone, most humans are conditioned and habitually label and judge, mainly based on nothing but our preconceived opinions. It is a habit, we are taught it.

What if we challenged ourselves to stop judging or criticising others, perhaps initially, just for a day? What if we completed a day and tried another? Slowly, step by step unlearning our conditioning, perhaps we could then influence others by being an example for them to follow. What if we stopped blaming others? What if we choose to be accountable for our judgements?

Over time we could start to eliminate prejudice and far more effectively than any zealous shaming of other people’s choices, ones that if we are all honest, we make all the time. It’s funny how we can excuse our own judgements as valid and truthful, yet see others as unfair.

None of us are born with any prejudices, we are taught them and conditioned to have them. In order to reverse the conditioning, we need to be the individual who changes, who leads by example, who is prepared to be brave enough to be different. It does not happen by doing the very thing that criticism and judgement causes by criticising and judging others.

Do not judge others, inspire others by example, by stopping judgement, by stopping criticism, by letting go of our own prejudices.

It is by example we change not by pointing the finger at others and shaming them.

Not seeing the other person

Today I attended the funeral service of someone and listening to the beautiful tributes in the eulogies that were made of this kind, loving, and amazing woman…I realised something that really made me conscious and aware, and initially sad too.

All my life I had carried a judgement of this person based on the viewpoint of others, who had their prejudices that clouded their vision of this person, not maliciously, it’s just how they had been conditioned and that was their level of consciousness at the time. They were not able to see the person as they were, they saw them through the lens of their mind and I did the same.

I remember when I was younger a feeling that this wasn’t right, but our minds and that of others are powerful if we allow them to be, they override our soul’s innate wisdom.

It was an important reminder that judgements of another is never kind and has no benefit, it creates suffering within us and sometimes for the person we judge. It is never to do with them, it is our own internal struggles that create these judgements. When we disassociate from our mind and its ego and stories, we free ourselves to see others as the beautiful human souls that we all are. We remove the suffering within.

It struck me though, how many other times in my life have I missed seeing others as they truly are? How many amazing people have I not seen and had perhaps dismissed based on nothing but my mind’s judgemental conditioning and my internal narrative? Based on nothing, we can end up missing so much.

The past is exactly that, gone and unable to be changed, so I accept all as it is, it was just a valuable experience, that can help me to grow and expand.