Making change positive

Other people are always right. They right about how they feel, the opinions they have, their choices and so on. It is what they choose to do.

If you want to communicate with them, you’ll need to get that concept.

We all like our own opinions, views and choices.

No one responds well to be told they are wrong, especially in an aggressive way.

Yet so many people who set out with zeal to change the world do so in a confrontational manner.

If change-makers accepted that it’s not their place to change others and focused on positively inspiring by example, then people may choose to follow their example.

If they don’t that’s their choice and they aren’t wrong, they are just having a different view.

Not selling is the new selling


I have spent most of my life building businesses either for others, or my own.

I have mainly been focused on the sales/business development and marketing, and having spent a long part of my life selling, I know realise that less and less people want to be sold to.

The businesses that I like to be around and to buy their ‘stuff’ from, are the ones that do not sell.

Selling has evolved in most cases into a manipulative, often a very cynically driven process, that feels like you are simply being dragged into their sales funnel, for processing, before they move onto the next fish to trap in their net. Sure many have got really good at dressing this process up as something more ‘genuine’. Often overlaying their promotions with joyful tunes and fluffyness.

The reality is, it is simply a process, driven by making the revenue numbers look good and is just another part of the bland, homogenised industrialised system. Their is very little to choose between one bland entity or another, other than the latest sales offer.

The truly genuine businesses are interested in inspiring people with their story and are interested in building relationships with their customers or potential customers. They are only interested in speaking with the right audience, the ones that will become the true advocates of their business, the ones who will share their values and cause.

They want to make it easy to buy from them, as they make it easy to connect with them, and they want to get to know you. They want to build a bond, a trust and they want to keep that relationship going.

It is all about a clear message, it is all about businesses inspiring the right audiences to follow them. But the moment you choose the sales approach, you are choosing to simply create a commodity to sell to satisfy a need of others.

Choosing not to sell, means that you have decided to create a meaningful product or service, that will inspire people to want to join in and to become part of your journey, part of your community and that will never need any manipulative sales techniques to trap or keep customers in.

That’s why I am here at the Copass camp, because the people who founded Compass fundamentally have done it based on inspiring, based on values, building a community and not on selling.

That’s yet more evidence as to why coworking is the future of business and it is all about people.