A freelancer’s life, half an avocado tomorrow

I’m going to…

Must do my expenses.

Homepage needs a makeover.

Time for a coffee…bulletproof, of course.

Nearly lunch, avocado, again.

Have they paid yet,? Well, have they?


Still the pipeline is hot, as hot as Alaska, in the winter.

Maybe I should Tweet more, tweet, tweet, twooooo and half the day has flown off.

I need a bigger customer, I need more customers, I need…I need another coffee.

Wow, click, I look just like Angeline Jolie, love click bait.

Have they paid yet?


Maybe that job wasn’t so bad.

Ping, new email.

They’re going to pay, it’s in ‘this month’s payment run’ aka fluff.

Bollocks, oh well, I’m off to walk the dog and it looks like avocado for lunch again, only, just half tomorrow.

The final countdown…day 3

The end is near, I’ve survived a conference, wow.

Was it better than expected? Yes, as I have learnt, finally, to have no expectations of others or anything that is outside of my control.

Could it be better? Well, I think the even better question is, can it be even better? It was overall a great 3 days, where I connected with existing friends, made new ones, I learnt many things about coworking and I could make my coworking business even better, and I laughed, heard great stories and made some very exciting new connections.

So how could it be even better?

Well, for me, more of the open discussion forums and topics suggested by the participants and facilitated by them.

Slightly less of the talking at us and reading slides, but that is a personal thing and I could always choose to go grab a coffee or do some work when those sessions are on.

Overall, well done to Coworking Europe and the team who put it together.

Thanks to all the great people who participated and shared their knowledge and stories.

What next? Who knows other than there will be many exciting conversations to come in the coming weeks and months that have been ignited from the connections this week here in Dublin.

Finally, as a Copass Camp veteran, I always come away with renewed energy from the collective inspiration that their camps bring, I have come away this time with an extra boost from attending the conference.

That is the value I’ve gained from attending.