A freelancer’s life, half an avocado tomorrow

I’m going to…

Must do my expenses.

Homepage needs a makeover.

Time for a coffee…bulletproof, of course.

Nearly lunch, avocado, again.

Have they paid yet,? Well, have they?


Still the pipeline is hot, as hot as Alaska, in the winter.

Maybe I should Tweet more, tweet, tweet, twooooo and half the day has flown off.

I need a bigger customer, I need more customers, I need…I need another coffee.

Wow, click, I look just like Angeline Jolie, love click bait.

Have they paid yet?


Maybe that job wasn’t so bad.

Ping, new email.

They’re going to pay, it’s in ‘this month’s payment run’ aka fluff.

Bollocks, oh well, I’m off to walk the dog and it looks like avocado for lunch again, only, just half tomorrow.


In business ‘no’ is not the personal rejection that we often choose to think it is. We so often become deflated by that small two-letter word.

The person does not know you that well to make that personal judgement.

What a ‘no’ means is often, your pitch was not clear enough, you are not solving my problem, you did not understand the problem, you were not confident enough, it’s the wrong time and so on.

As always it is how we choose to see things.

‘No’ means we have to do even better, we have to listen better, we have to learn and move forward with a better version.

It does not mean you are a failure or worthless. We all too often wrongly equate our work with our worth. We are all already worthy regardless of what we achieve.