There could be a Walter Mitty in us all

Each and every one of us has fantasies about a different life, where we say things that perhaps we are not brave enough to say in real life, or we do things that we are fearful of doing in reality…perhaps we skydive, bungee jump or wrestle bears. Perhaps we have the job we really want in our heads but don’t know how to get to it in our actual life.

An imagination and daydreaming are essential for creativity and sadly in our current world, there is little time for fantasising, daydreaming and imagining a different life.

If we do not act upon these thoughts, however, then there is eventually a danger that we live one life in our heads and a quite different one in reality which only leads to an internal frustration and eventually a regret.

We could become Walter Mitty.


Sometimes it’s good to just let out a huge scream.

Shout from the top of our heads.

OK, not good to do it on a train, for example, perhaps better in the middle of a field.

We live our lives with so many restrictions.

The restrictions we self-impose, after all, we set the rules for our lives.

If you feel stuck, restricted, then let out a scream and then re-write the rules, take off the shackles and live the life you want.

Give yourself permission to do whatever you want.

As a caveat, whatever we choose always has a consequence. But give yourself the freedom to choose.

Then you’ll find the urge to scream diminishes.