Today’s blog is a ramble

I’ve been doing this blog now, every single day for over 5 years and occasionally I sit here and say to myself ‘what now?’

I am at that point today…I love coming here and writing this and, to be honest, for many years now I write this for myself. I stopped looking at the stats every day, I stopped caring if people like it or read it, well not completely, but pretty much. If others enjoy it, then great, but I really love doing, well there are some days when the love isn’t there and I’m stuck in my mind, and that’s enough for me. A simple piece of joy every day.

I will continue to do this as I am really talking to myself…it’s often a self pep talk. It helps keep me focused and in the moment.

I am often rubbish though at ‘eating my own dog food’, like most of us, I’m great at advising others as to what they could do and then struggle with doing it myself.

For the last year or more the writing, like myself, has taken a more spiritual path and a conscious tone and I find that with that you end up being repetitive, as the answer to almost anything in life always brings us back to the answer that being conscious right now and in the moment is the solution. Now is it!!!

So how many different ways are there to say that same thing? Well, I’ve probably written a couple of hundred but many are the same.

A bit of a ramble today and that’s it…I’ll be back for another post tomorrow.