I read something today that said something along the lines of people say ‘rest in peace’ when someone dies, yet we never say to them, others or ourselves, when we are alive, ‘live in peace’.

We are constantly suffering from our minds and its ego and stories, we are too unconscious in our thoughts to be anything other than consumed by our mind and possessed by it. We inflict constant suffering inside upon ourselves and outwardly on others, and collectively upon the entire human race. If you’re in any doubt about that observe how you talk to yourself inside, look at Facebook, the news or see how others interact.

We aspire to wealth, possessions, achievements, and all other manners of temporary forms that give a moment of ‘happiness’ not lasting joy, then to be followed by more moments of dissatisfaction and desire for more, bigger, better, faster, better than others.

We are not encouraged to seek inner peace or instructed on how to achieve it, we are conditioned by the collective mind to seek ‘happiness’ in the temporary forms, the pleasures, the addictions, the instant but never lasting gratifications. We are conditioned for a life of unconsciousness, a torment of the mind.

Peace will certainly come when we die as our souls are freed from the physical carnation and the mind dies too. There suffering ends. However, we do not have to wait for death to experience inner peace in life. We can have it now and for the remainder of the existence of our physical carnation.

Live in peace and disassociate from the mind and its unreal world. End suffering within, without and collectively for the human race. The peace of the universe is within all our souls we just need to choose the light from our inner spirit instead of the darkness from the mind.

Right for the soul

Accepting what is doesn’t mean doing nothing, although that is a choice, of course, it means not suffering the pain of resisting something that can never be changed.

The situation you are in is always the present moment and anything that has occurred in that moment, within a nanosecond of you being aware of it, it is already the past.

Normal unconscious mind possessed behaviour means that what is occurring doesn’t fit our story, the ego does not like it, so it resists, it fights, it denies the absolute truth of the present moment. The fight, the resistance, all the negativity in our mind creates the emotion/turbulence in the body which is the mental and physical suffering of not accepting the external world and what is.

However, once we accept what is the pain goes, peace comes, and we can act or not according to what our true self is feeling. We respond from a place of peace, love and our soul. We do not then respond from our egotistical mind possessed state and we do not become the emotion, we are not the reaction.

Letting go and acceptance is the route to acting consciously according to what is truly right for our soul.