The 99% of life that we skip

Our lives are made up of 99% what we are conditioned to believe are just ordinary moments. We whisk through them on the race to the next big thing.

Always searching and wanting to be at the end, at the outcome…at the next ‘big thing’.

We do not want the ordinary moment, we do not want the doing we want the ending.

Yet if we saw each so called ordinary moment as a magical real-life moment where the joy of doing is far greater than the fictional mind-created future outcome we would actually enjoy the 99% of our life that we skip and do not even notice.

Don’t wish for the 1% that we never enjoy when it does comes because we are always onto the next big thing. Instead live the ordinary magical moment, after all we are only here once.

Amazing adventure

That thing you didn’t do yesterday, or last week, or 5 years ago…you can do now, if you want or something completely new.

Each unfolding moment of our life is a new possibility, a new opportunity.

We can always start from scratch…every moment. It is like hitting the ‘new game’ button.

If only we focussed on what an absolutely amazing adventure our life is in this moment now instead of the suffering of what we didn’t do in the imaginary past that is only contained in our mind.