2.6 billion chances

Every unfolding moment, this second, is a new opportunity to do something different, if we feel we want to. If we are stuck, we can change it.

Over the course of a typical life, that is 2.6 billion opportunities to change something. Yet we feel ‘I’ve blown it, there’s no second chances!’…insane, eh?

Never stay stuck, ignore the fear of the mind, which we alone create if we choose to, and just start something new…now. Now is where everything happens and it is the eternal never ending present moment, the moment that our real life plays out and not in the endless thoughts of our mind and its fears.

We’ve had thousands of chances

Most of us by the time we reach adulthood have had thousands of days of life to try things.

Yet we often sit and say I haven’t had a chance to do ‘x’ or try ‘y’ or whatever we’ve been putting off.

If we don’t start taking some of those chances then another few thousand opportunities to do something will have passed.

The unfortunate thing for all of us is we don’t know how many days we have left and they will for sure run out.

The sooner we start doing things and trying, testing, the sooner we learn, adapt and find out what works, and then what works better.

How many more chances will we waste before just trying something?

Why deny ourselves the learning we need to become a better version of ourselves?

The sun sets on all of our lives.