Your dog

‘Cookie’ by Philip Dodson

Your dog has no opinions of itself or you.

That’s why it is always pleased to see you, always wagging its tail and is full of joy.

We as humans can also choose this, it simply means that we have to learn to observe and witness our own thoughts without evaluation. This will allow the judgemental thoughts to dissolve as we have not given them energy or acted upon them.

We can then see ourselves and others with no filters, wag our tails and be like the dog, free from the judgements of our mind.

The judgement

The judgement of others is more often a reflection of ourselves, of things that we are not willing to change or face.

It defines us not the person who we judge.

What if the energy that we expend on scrutinising others was channelled to assessing our own behaviour?

What if we focused only on the one thing we can control, ourselves?

Maybe then we could practice non-judgemental and unconditional love of our fellow citizens.

We need to live our own lives, citizens.