Waking up

We are divided, polarised and stuck in our minds and defending with ever more hatred the views of our mind and the collective mind of our bubble. It matters not what you view is, as it is simply that, a view.

We are manipulated by the collective mind and by the minds of those who have a dark agenda. We have become conditioned to hate everything that doesn’t fit with the story in our heads, even over quite trivial things in everyday life. There is no common ground, no compromise, no give and take. We have been conditioned to react and be the reaction, fuelled by emotions and fuelled by the collective story de-humanising the other people and their views. Easier to hate then.

The good news is, more of the human race can see it, more people are waking up, are becoming the light that others will follow. More people are turning off their egos, their mind, the individualness and switching on the light from the collective oneness that is our spirit, our collective human soul, where our instinctive wisdom and consciousness allows people to see the darkness of the world and no longer align with it.

The myths that control us are simply that and we can choose to no longer follow them.

The rear view mirror


Education could be about teaching people how to think, not what to think. In fact, now it isn’t even teaching them what to think, it’s about teaching people not the think at all.

Compliance is the tool of the industrialised, mass world, system. It is way of propagating the myths that will ensure that everything and everyone is safely in order.

Risk is a dirty word and curiosity has been stifled by fear.

If we only ever look in the rear view mirror to see what to do, then we will only ever repeat what has been done before.

We could risk looking forward, taking a different route, thinking for ourselves, being curious, and discovering something new, something different, something that will change the world.

The human race has to unlearn compliance and learn how to think.

Freedom is our greatest gift as humans. We need to learn to think again while we still have the freedom to do so.