My dog ‘Cookie’

‘Cookie’ by Philip Dodson

My dog, Cookie, has a great life. For her it is always now, always the present moment, there is no projection into the future, care-free, no repeating mind patterns, no opinions of herself or me or others, no judgements, just unconditional love.

Amazing though as humans we look at animals and say things like ‘oh it must be boring’ or ‘it’s tough for animals’ and so on. Of course, any living soul has its challenges and for animals, they have to seek food to survive. Well Cookie doesn’t, she simply looks cute, scratches at the cupboard door where her food is kept, and boom, there is another sachet of dog food.

Animals, if they maybe look at us, might say ‘look at those humans, off to work, stuck in traffic, always wanting more and suffering all their lives from their minds’. Cookie doesn’t lay there on the sofa anxiously thinking ‘oh, that was the last sachet of food in the box, what if they don’t go to the shops, I’ll starve, I might even die’ or ‘him, the big one he’s not working, what if they can’t afford to buy more food?’ and so on. She sleeps soundly on the sofa enjoying the moment with inner peace.

Humans live mainly in the unreal unconscious dimension of the mind and its endless thought patterns and resulting suffering, never appreciating this moment and the joy of it. Animals live in the conscious real-world dimension of now, free from the burden of thought and interestingly we can choose to live in that dimension too.

Be more dog

‘Cookie’ by Philip Dodson

I read a lovely article today online about a boy and his dog.

It struck me as a dog owner, that Cookie, our dog, is always pleased to see you in the morning, her whole body wags, then as soon as you go out, she sits on the sofa by the window waiting for you to return. Even, if you are out for 10-15 minutes, she rushes to the door to greet you.

She is always happy, bounds everywhere, chases her ball almost to exhaustion, and loves lying next to for yet more attention.

She loves to play and she is never rough, always gentle and dog’s have amazing emotional intelligence, they really can sense your moods.

She never gets tired of attention and being talked to and when you are not feeling at your best she knows too.

Dogs are always happy, as I type this I can hear her bounding down the stairs with excitement about something, so perhaps we could learn from them and choose to be more dog.