We only have one light

The light goes out
If we never talk in another language
If we take the same path
If we do not look for different
If we ignore the beauty of nature

The light goes out
If we choose the same colour
If we watch the same TV
If we speak only to ourselves badly
If we stay inside the mind

The light goes out
If we lie in bed all day
If we eat only beige
If we look at nothing new
If we play the same tune

The light goes out
If we judge others
If we always look for wrong
If we become a constant critic
If we never laugh

The light goes out
If we never break a smile
If we do not walk a while
If we never skip
If we never sail away to another shore

The light goes out
If we never love
If we never share
If we never have a pet
If we never colour our hair

The light goes out
If we never have a friend
If we never are alone
If we never brave the wild
If we never change a thing

The light goes out
If we never write
If we never paint
If we never roll down a hill
If we never bathe in mud

The light goes out
If we never take a risk
If we never jump a stream
If we never climb a tree
If we never build a thing

We only have one light
It burns bright now
Keep it bright
Always be the light

What we have in common

It seems we are intent on becoming disconnected as humans.

Every human is the same under the x-ray. Beneath the exterior form is the beauty and magic of life that we all have.

If only we’d realise that it is our egos that stop us connecting and keep us finding what we don’t have in common. It makes us look at the exterior. It makes us compare. It keeps us defending positions that do not need defending.

A connection can be made very easily if we try, we just need to search for what we have in common.

What have in common is that the energy inside us all is connected with all the energy in the universe, we all came from it and we will all return to it. We are the same inside.