War of the worlds

‘The War of The Worlds’ radio broadcast came from a studio in New York on 31st October 1938 and caused widespread panic as people really believed that the end of the world was occurring. It wasn’t and didn’t.

Fast forward to now and a similar global narrative is being played out and it seems many are fear-stricken by a virus and believe all kinds of things are or will happen including their own demise, which…breaking news!! is going to happen, yes even to you and me.

The fear is not real present moment fear such as caused by a lion running towards us that’s not been fed for a while, as that rarely occurs to anyone over a course of a lifetime. Unless you live in the wilds or a war zone or some other very dangerous place, which for the majority of us is not the case.

What is occurring for many is the worst kind of fear, as it is of our mind and of the collective mind…we create it. It can not be dealt with now as it is created by a projection into the future, which of course doesn’t exist. This fear is psychological fear, the same as for those who listened to the radio broadcast. Nothing was happening but their mind was tricked to believe it was or was about to and that created a reaction…panic.

The ‘wars’ now are not ones of real present moment danger as in someone shooting at you, it is the wars of psychological fear, of the mind, that is the new weapon and it is the most effective weapon humans have ever had. People will do anything to try and escape their fear…they become dependent, often on the very people who are creating the fear, as they offer to take it away.

If you plug into the mainstream media or the social media networks it is completely dominated by psychological fear and the drama that goes with it. People are living out in their minds all kinds of dramas and victimhood and whatever, that hasn’t happened anywhere other than in their mind or the collective one.

If you switch off from the matrix of fear, then there is nothing to fear and you can enjoy this moment.

To be honest, for the vast majority of our lives most moments are ordinary, where on the surface nothing much happens…no huge events that the mind dreams up. Well apart from breathing, that in itself is a wonder, we can look at nature, we can be silent, be ourselves, laugh, jump, run in the rain, paint, make cakes, write an amazing new piece of code or a book, we can design some amazing new gadget, or whatever that anyone chooses to do right now. Now as in the only moment we are actually alive.

Or we can slip back into our minds for another episode of “War of the Worlds”.

Removing the varnish

When we sand down varnished wood, we reveal it’s true inner beauty, the raw wood, the natural essence. We see what really lies beneath.

The varnish is a chemical veneer, to cover and make it look ‘beautiful’ and protect it. It is artificial and for outward appearance.

If however, we want to enjoy the inner beauty and rawness of the wood, we can use oil to nourish. Of course, you’ll need to nourish the wood regularly, unlike the chemical veneer of the varnish, but the nourished wood will last and remain naturally beautiful. Nourishment versus covering for appearance.

If we want to unlearn our conditioning, remove the veneer that each and every one of us has had put on us, then we need to remove the ‘varnish’ and then nourish ourselves, our spirit, with air, water, earth, silence and food. Wisdom and beauty are within us all and are beneath the varnish and can only come out if regularly nourished by the right ‘oils’ instead of covered with a veneer.