It’s easy to be popular

There is a formula if you wish to follow it, that will get you lots of likes, followers and make you popular, but it lacks any soul, meaning, or purpose. It adds nothing but more noise to the continuous human story that we can all add to. Fluffy cat pictures still work, by the way.

It’s not about finding a big audience, it’s about finding your voice and finding something that you really want to say, something that will add to the ongoing human narrative.

There might not be a huge audience straight away or ever, but with patience and sticking to what really matters to you, it will resonate with the people who really care about what you care about. You can become a shining light for them to follow.



The numbers of RT’s, FB likes or shares matter not.

Popular people do not live more fulfilling lives, they are not more worthy human beings, they are not anything different to anybody else.

It is how we perceive popularity and people we regard as popular, usually measured by quantities of something – money, likes, friends and so on. Its dictionary definition is ‘the state or condition of being liked, admired, or supported by many people’.

It is more about our society and the fact we have created a measure of worthiness by what we achieve, own, the number of friends and so on. We allow other people’s rules to define how we view ourselves.

Comparison to others is a complete waste of time and energy.

Worthiness does not need to be measured or defined, as that is the antithesis of what worthy is. As Brene Brown says ‘we are all already worthy’. We do not need to prove that, every single person is born equal and worthy. If we accept that we are worthy, then popularity is meaningless.

It is our perception of what is important that creates this need to be liked. We are not here for everyone, we have our own uniquesness, our own values and we need to be 100% ourselves.

Do not aim for popularity, aim for being genuinely you.

As the people who will appreciate us without judgement will not care if we are popular or not. Nor should we care how others are percieved.

Just focus on reminding yourself every day that you are already worthy. Be you, be proud of you, be happy and live your own life without comparison to others.