Set in stone

Sadly our world is made up of bubbles of the same opinions, that are often filled with people whose views are set in stone and rigid.

If we want change, we’ll have to step outside our bubbles and learn to be porous. We’ll need to let other opinions that we don’t like to be filtered through the rock so we can adapt them.

Stonecast views allow no compromise and change needs flexibility, not rigidity.

If art was like the world

If art was like the world all the paintings would either black or white.

Even if there were different colours on the palette, no one would mix them.

Our world has become completely polarised, with us or against us, agree or disagree, yes or no, in or out.

Whatever happened to people being friends with someone who had different views, we all live in our bubbles.

The world needs to be like art, a beauty of blended colours and diversity.

We need to be able to be close to people who may not see the world as we do.

Real change comes from being able to listen and compromise. Then having a connection and trust with people who are different in order to inspire or influence them to a different perspective and that does not come by sticking our fingers in our ears and blocking out anyone who has a different voice.

Staying in our hate fuelled bubbles only leads to art of one colour.

Multi-coloured art comes from being open to differences and willing to explore something that we may not initially be comfortable with.