Where does freedom come from?

We fill the void where the lost have gone. There is a void for all of us to fill, an infinite opportunity, within there is infinity space too.

We have so much to offer, so much to discover about ourselves, so many deeper things to find. We can choose to find them once we know how to be truly free.

Each new soul enriches the ongoing evolution and continues the journey from previous souls and if we stay conscious and in the moment we can expand and grow. We can provide a light for each other so we can collectively grow and expand. The growth and expansion spiritually allow us to discover true freedom, freedom from the controls of the mind.

We are one, one collective beautiful soul and all the energy in the universe connects everything and everyone as one. It can be accessed now, if we become aware and awake, with a silent mind, no more noisy mindstreams to distract us.

This is where we can make a difference, not with the negativity of the ego and the sabotage of the mind, both the individual and the collective ones. Spreading our love, light, kindness, empathy, compassion and life. Joining together to do this, this is how change occurs, this how the human race becomes one, this is how we turn our backs on the darkness that is the mind, the collective, the egoic state that the human race is trapped in now.

Freedom comes from just being, from staying in the present moment, from discovering the soul, from the very essence of our spirit. Peace, love and joy come from there too.

Enlightenment is not about superiority or being better, it is simply about discovering light, sharing it and being at peace, being free, letting go, surrendering to what is, and being fully present now. True freedom.

Kind words

There isn’t another you, there never has been and never will be.

Compare yourself to no one.

Do not measure yourself against anything, there is not a measure you will come up with that matters. Accepting who we are and being able to just be is all that matters.

Do not say bad things about yourself to yourself. Speak only kindly to yourself and to others.

Kind words have no comparison.