Our fears are exactly that, ours. They are personal.

We do not have to justify and explain why we have them to anyone.

We don’t have to overcome them either if we do not want to.

We are not a lesser person for not facing them, we remain worthy whatever.

We do not need to be ashamed of them or feel silly about them.

The bravest people are the ones willing to admit to them and not care what others think.

We can all give ourselves an advantage

There is one simple and easy advantage we can give ourselves.

But, like everything, it will take time to learn the habit, time for it to take effect, and it will require real commitment to keep it going.

All we need to do is care more deeply about the things that really matter to us.

Rarely does anyone fail to achieve their goals and dreams over a lifetime, if they really care deeply about them. That takes effort, dedication, determination and sacrifice. That is what caring about something takes. It also takes having a purpose to what we do and there are no right or wrong answers to what our own individual purpose is.

It’s not easy, so we have to be patient and kind to ourselves on the journey.

If it’s that simple, why aren’t we all doing it? Well, from my own experience, it takes a long time to realise it, it takes a long time to find our real purpose and desire to care. It also requires overcoming our fears and breaking our habits. Not easy, but it still remains simple.

Caring deeply does give us a huge advantage. Like most things, it’s a work in progress. that is it, getting even better.