The lunatics have taken over the asylum

That was a lyric from a song called “The Lunatics” by Fun Boy Three.

It describes quite well our current situation as humans…how the evolution of the human ego of thousands of years has accelerated now to such a level causing us to behave in a way that is so far away from our true essence of love as human souls to an insane mind-obsessed state that most humans now spend most of their lives in. It is what we’ve become conditioned to see as normal.

We are deeply unconscious within repeating fear-based thought patterns, where if we were to be fully conscious and in the moment, we would recognise instantly the madness of our behaviour. Out light would shine onto the darkness of the mind and the collective mind.

This ego phase of the human race is all part of the growth and path, we will eventually evolve passed the ego and transcend to a conscious dimension.

The darker and more insane our human behaviour becomes, conversely, we awaken and start to see, to realise, to become aware.

We are in a stage where the human ego is fading. Light always comes from the dark, it is the balance of the universe.

So for a while, the lunatics will be running the asylum.

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