Friday and Monday

If you’ve been longing all week for today and then on Sunday you are dreading Monday, then it’s time to consider a change.

When you are at peace, doing something that brings you joy, then every moment of each day is the same, you want to be in that moment and not looking for the highs and dreading the lows.

Life is this moment and so is change. You won’t want to be elsewhere when you’re doing something that counts to you. If you want always to be elsewhere, when you get there, you’ll still have the same problems.

Wish away

When body is aligned
when mind is aligned
when emotions are aligned
when energy and spirit are too
make a wish

We are the creator of our wishes
when all these things are aligned
we are able to be at peace
we are without distress
we are aligned

When body, mind, emotions and energy
come together inside us as one
we are able to create our wishes
we are able to have peace within
and be part of the peace around us

When we have peace
we can become
our own wishing tree
a Kaplavriksha
wish away
wish away
wish away with
our heart and soul
not our mind