Friday and Monday

If you’ve been longing all week for today and then on Sunday you are dreading Monday, then it’s time to consider a change.

When you are at peace, doing something that brings you joy, then every moment of each day is the same, you want to be in that moment and not looking for the highs and dreading the lows.

Life is this moment and so is change. You won’t want to be elsewhere when you’re doing something that counts to you. If you want always to be elsewhere, when you get there, you’ll still have the same problems.


Without a plan, Tuesday is just another day in the week to meander through. 

It’s a better day than Monday where many are in jobs that mean they hate that day. 

Tuesday is not as good as Wednesday, which is halfway to the weekend. 

Most people drift through the week living for the weekend. 

It’s an easy routine to fall into. 

If that’s you, then work out how many more weeks you have left in a lifetime. 

Then work out how many weeks you’ve drifted through so far. 

Now realise that you’ll soon burn through the rest of your weeks waiting for the weekend. 

Make a plan, a simple plan. One that involves just doing one thing different next Tuesday. 

Then see what happens when next Tuesday comes and you do that one different thing? 

Then perhaps you could plan to do one different thing every single day. 
By adding one day each week where you plan to do something new. 

Soon youlll be doing 5 new things every week. 

Wow no longer waiting for the weekend, no more Tuesdays being a day slightly better than Monday and slightly worse than Wednesday.