Watching a river

‘Old Father Thames’ by Philip Dodson

Watching the river

It flows endlessly
It flows past
The water shimmers past
The sky is reflected in it
The river is looking for the sea

The river does not fear reaching the sea
The river does not hold back
The river does not wait
The river is brimming with energy for its journey
The river knows its purpose

The river is watched by a man
He sits and watches it pass
He wonders about the river
He is taken by its purpose
He is in awe of its mighty flow

The man ponders life
The man ponders his life
The man thinks about his purpose
The man thinks about his journey
The man pauses and realises he fears the sea

At peace

At Peace

Permanently there forever
The clouds will stay
The darkness will never lift
The gloom is everywhere
Everyone is the same

Wait wait wait wait
There is a break
There is a crack
There is a shard of light
Wait I’m waking

Not from my slumber
Not from a deep sleep
Not from the night
I am waking
From my mind

My breath brings light
My soul brings joy
My essence is now
The universe brings change
Everything is temporary

Clouds are in my mind
Doom is within my thoughts
Darkness always turns to light
The gloom is my imagination
I am in this moment…at peace