Knowing when to ‘quit’ or stop is a challenge.

We override our instincts, especially when the body is telling us, there is an ‘I’m not a quitter’ attitude that comes from our egoic mind that forces us to continue, even if it is causing us pain.

Equally, the soul is often crying out to stop an emotional or mental pain and suffering, but the mind sabotages that feeling with attachment to things and again something to prove to others.

The best solution is to simply listen and be in tune with our feelings from our very essence and not be attached to our mind and ego, stopping or quitting is easy then, just stop. That’s what we feel.

Feelings are overlooked by the ego and this only brings suffering mental and then physical too.

Quitting is a mental concept of the human mind, doing what we feel is following our soul.

When to stop?

It’s a question we ask many times. When to stop a job, a relationship, a business, a piece of art, whatever we may be doing.

We all get to a point where we might want to add more, take something away, or it might not be working.

We are constantly bombarded with this macho ‘don’t quit’ mentality and just keep going.

There isn’t a magic formula on when to stop, but it is a personal choice and we don’t need others permission and we can choose what feels good and right for us. We do not have to keep doing something to prove a point to ourselves and especially not others.

Stop when you want not when we are told to.