The entire universe works in balance.

The natural world of our planet demonstrates this.

There has to be a Yin and Yang…opposites.

Currently, the insanity of the collective unconscious human mind is causing an imbalance, the world is getting darker. Fear is dominating.

However, interestingly, balance is working…more and more people are becoming aware, conscious, awake and are stepping away from the darkness of the collective mind and their own. Love is rising.

Light is coming and as it gets darker it at the same time gets lighter.

Everything is temporary and what is dark now will become light.

All will be in balance again, it is how it will be, and we just need to have that faith that all will be alright.

It’s getting better

As things get worse for the human race and they will, interestingly, that is creating the sparkle of things getting better.

The darker the world becomes, the more people are starting to awaken, starting to realise that the mind-controlled matrix that is put forward as ‘normal’ is in fact completely insane.

As more people become awake, their light shines as an example for others.