Knowledge is suffering

There does not have to be an answer, there does not have to be a beginning, middle and end. The ego demands an answer so we know and can be superior over others who don’t know.

The mind always needs an answer and it feels out of control if there isn’t one, it feels threatened and it does not like it.

Knowledge isn’t power, it’s suffering. There will always be someone who knows more or something you don’t…it’s all about the mind and being superior. Wisdom comes from our soul and we have wisdom from the day we are born to the day we die. Knowledge is of the mind and is not relevant to anything other than the mind obsessed non-reality that we spend in our heads. Knowledge is always subjective and who really knows or cares what is right or wrong? It really does not matter but we are conditioned and controlled by it.

Ignorance is bliss, not knowing or caring. Letting go and just being is the route to inner peace, pure joy and consciousness.

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