How kind is your business?


In a world dominated with ‘where is the money it that?’ mentality, it is sometimes seen as weak, or even difficult to even contemplate, considering the notion of kindness in business.

We confuse kindness with doing something for free in order to manipulate others to reciprocate. Many people think it is clever to leverage the basic human instinct to return a favour. I can hear the guru’s saying ‘give and then take’.

I can hear the words of the much lauded Gary Vee ringing in my head ‘give, give, give and the take em for all they’ve got’ or something like that, maybe it’s ‘Jab, Jab, Right Hook’.

Kindness is doing something for others for no gain, other than the chemical release in our own bodies that makes us feel good, makes us happy. This is not a selfish act in a malicious way, it is a way of making us happy, after all happiness is a choice.

So choose acts of random kindness in your business and make yourself happy and spread that happiness to your customers and potential customers, spread to all the humans that interact with.

Simply because you can and simply because creating happiness in your life and that of the others you connect with is a pleasure not to be missed.

After all what is life about, if it isn’t for enjoying the journey.

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