Violence towards others

To only see others through the judgemental filters of our mind is a form of violence and unkindness towards another living soul.

When we reach a point where we can view other human souls as their pure being without the need to label, judge, or form an opinion of them, then we are able to see them as they truly are in their pure form.

Only then can our light and spirit connect with the light and spirit in others.

If you don’t say something 

If hear or see someone is being unkind to, sexist to, racist to, rude to or bullying another person and we don’t say something, then we are saying it’s OK. 

Peer pressure is better than any law. There can’t always be a policewoman to enforce the law. 

We are all society and if you don’t like something then it’s up to us all to speak up. 

It’s amazing how the unkind person stops when we don’t stay silent. More often they are cowards looking for approval and permission to continue. 

Don’t give them that. 

It’s hard in cases where we might the minority, but we could one day be on the receiving end and we’d be glad of someone speaking up. 

Be the leader you want to see, speak out.