Many spend a lot of their lives searching for a better job, a better partner, a better house, a better this or that.

If we stopped searching for better or more and just lived now in this moment, focused on what we have and be truly grateful from our hearts for everything we have, we change from negative energies to positive energies. The transformation is life-changing.

If we focus on living and not searching, the universe brings all that we need.

In search of the extraordinary

We search throughout life for the extraordinary, for the special moment, for that amazing place, for something to thrill us…interestingly, when we are somewhere extraordinary or in a great moment, we miss it because we’re too busy snapping it and putting it on Instagram and then searching for the next extraordinary moment!

The thing is that we do not need to search, the extraordinary is here all the time. We just need to stop looking for it and we will see it. The looking is a search into the future, a resistance to what is already here, a denial of the existing moment and being wrapped up in our thoughts, in a dreamlike state.

There is wonder to see all the time but we miss it.