Remove the bullet

We spend a good deal of time in life working out where the ‘bullet’ that shot us came from instead of removing the ‘bullet’ and moving on. We think it’s others that shot the gun.

In fact, we’re ones who shot ourselves always. We cause our own pain. Stop wondering what caused the pain within us and let go. It comes from our mind, and it really doesn’t matter why or what or how.

Peace comes within when we accept and let go.

Remove the ‘bullet’ and move on…stop analysing.

Art is quite useless

“All art is quite useless” said Oscar Wilde. 

Art could be music, poems, written word, spoken word, paintings, sculptures, pictures and many other things we create. 

Is it of use?

It’s not practical or useful and seemingly non-essential like say a knife or a fridge or a computer. 

So why do art? Does it have to be useful?

Many things that matter in life are non-essential, the magic of life is neither functional or logical. It is often something we can not put into words. 

Art can visually explain something we can not verbalise. 

Art is a narrative of the human story, it binds our culture and reflects it. 

Art is love. That’s why humans choose to create it. 

Art has no use but life without it would be useless.