Remove the bullet

We spend a good deal of time in life working out where the ‘bullet’ that shot us came from instead of removing the ‘bullet’ and moving on. We think it’s others that shot the gun.

In fact, we’re ones who shot ourselves always. We cause our own pain. Stop wondering what caused the pain within us and let go. It comes from our mind, and it really doesn’t matter why or what or how.

Peace comes within when we accept and let go.

Remove the ‘bullet’ and move on…stop analysing.

Don’t build widgets


Don’t build widgets.

Was a car built to go from a to b? After all, humans had been able to do that by foot and horse for thousands of years

It was built to create opportunity that fast and independent travel could give individuals. The opportunity to have freedom.

If you create for functional reasons at best it will be just that.

There is already a mass of average functional low-value stuff, so no point in creating more.

People buy and keep buying creations that touch their emotion. Something that stands out and makes a difference.

Think about the cause, the passion, the mission not the function, even if you’re in the widget business.