Missing a stair – 3 years on

So I wrote this post nearly three years ago, and I look back at those three years and realise, it is about taking each step before you can move on, we can’t miss things, otherwise we are not ready for the following expansions.

I see it now as an expansion and growth, we can only do it by doing the necessary steps now, we have to be conscious and focused on the moment. We come to things in life and we are not always ready, that is because we have to expand down the path in the right order, you can’t skip bits or fast forward.


Missing a stair

If you imagine a staircase of 100 steps and reaching the top stair, stair 100, was where you reached the best you could reach in life in the time that you had.

We will never reach our best, as we will all run out of time at some point to keep getting better. So the best that we can reach in our lives is say stair 100.

If you do not take each step, so 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on, imagining that each step is a step of learning from starting something and it not going as well as we’d hoped. After all at each step in life, as we start something new, we never know if it will work or not. But each step is important and opens up the next stair on the staircase.

If we don’t take the steps one by one and the learning at each step as we head towards the best we can in the lifetime that we have, we will never get to our best possible version, because the next step wouldn’t be there if we hadn’t learnt from the one before and we’d stay stuck at that place.

Our future steps are built by the ones we take today, don’t skip a stair by not starting, learning and moving to the next step. Take each step, learn all that you can and the sooner you start and take that next step, the sooner you get to the next level and perhaps you can go way beyond stair 100 in the lifetime that you have.

If you waste it you may not, if you hesitate, procrastinate and let fear take over then you will limit the level of the best version of you that you can get to.

It’s not seeking perfection, it’s seeking to do the best that you can in the time that you have got.

You can’t miss a stair, otherwise, the next step doesn’t come.

When will you take you next step up the stairs?


Our digital world has shifted the workforce from pen-pushers to key-pushers.

We believe that we are reimagining and disrupting everything but in fact, we are simply refurbishing the same thing and believing our own hype.

It is ‘The Emperor’s new clothes’ of our time to believe this myth. We worship what we see as ‘progress’ yet it is more of the same in a different wrapper

It is the same outcome for most of the population, slavery. We’ve gone from being owned by the ‘corporation’ in a factory to being owned at desk, ok we don’t write with pens anymore, we tap it out on our Macbook, wow. Oh, and some of us are allowed to work from home, how revolutionary!

Perhaps if we stop looking in the rearview mirror for the answer of what has always been and shift our focus for the industrial paradigm to new and different one that focuses on what really matters, our collective success as an equal human race, where we will spend less time on ‘progress’ and pen-pushing and more on creating a better and more equal world not based on consumption and destroying our environment.