Disappointment is coming

We place unrealistic expectations on ourselves, driven by the conditioning that we are defined by our achievements.

Today is the start of that annual expectation overload that will lead to disappointment in a few days, a few weeks, maybe a little longer.

If we listen to our mind and its story about us, we spend a lifetime with disappointment.

Allow joy to come from deep within our true essence and the universe will bring us all that we need. We do not have to achieve to experience joy. If joy flows, then we enjoy the moment of doing not the thinking about our goals.

Another trip round the sun

So another trip around the sun comes to end today.

I’ve had 52 of them and often on a New Year’s eve I reflect about the past year and many times I have planned to make all these amazing changes over the next trip around.

The reality is maybe we can always keep changing or improving or searching for more, however you define improving or better or more, or we can realise that perhaps we are already the person we want to be and perhaps we can be content that we are already living the life we want.

There is always better or worse in the future, but it never happens because the future is an imaginary thing inside our own minds.

Life is now. Enjoy what you already have, don’t let’s be anxious about what might be.