Going along for the ride


If you feel life is a ride, that you seem to be just going along for, for the sake of it, then ask yourself when was the last time you did something truly bold? Something different? Something a little risky? Something crazy?

When was the last time you shouted out loud standing in the pouring rain? When did you last jump up and down in a puddle? When was the last time you ran with all your power down the street? When did you last jump off a boat into the sea? When did you last ride a roller coaster or go to the fair? When did you last do a headstand? When was the last time you did something that was not your normal way? When did you last laugh until it hurt? When did you last break the rules? When did you last switch off your routine life and break out of ‘jail’ and do something wild?

That doesn’t mean that you have to become someone else, always be you, but don’t just sit on the bus and ride it, make a splash. I’m not saying go out and rob a bank, not that kind of crazy rule breaking.

We’ll have eternity to be normal, follow the rules and stay on the bus. Life is for the unexpected and magical things that comfort zones don’t allow for.

Break the rules.



We need the crazy people not the compliant.

We don’t need more certainty, we don’t need more well-trained cogs for the machine.

Safety never changes a thing.

Perfection is dull and unachievable.

Compliance leads to enslavement.

Rules are for quelling curiosity about what the rule makers are wanting us not to find out.

Crazy people do crazy things that bring about invention.

Without inventors, we are all doomed.

Let out your craziness and do something that makes people nervous. After all, we were all meant to die on steam trains that went over 20 mph.