Build what you want to see in the world

The only way to make lasting change is if we are the example to follow, not the anger to shame others.

Telling others they are wrong never goes well, it’s an ego thing!

Shaming others is another failed way to get them to change.

Brutality doesn’t lead to change, it leads to more brutality.

There has been anti this and anti that forever…the real change makers build something different and live by example. They share their love for something for others to be inspired by.

Everything always starts with our inner state, when we are at peace and disconnected from our story and ego, we project the light from our soul for others to see and choose, if they want, to follow our lead, our example, they are energised by our positive vibrations and light. They can be inspired by our passion and love for our ideas.

Start to build the thing you want to see in the world, don’t waver or worry about others…equally, don’t judge or criticise others, and maybe what you build others will want too.


We can make anything an overnight success if we have enough money and we use gimmicks and manipulations.

However, most of us do not have access to limitless financial resources and we don’t need to.

When we find something that really matters to us and spend a long time patiently building it, day in, day out, taking small purposeful steps it becomes sustainable.

That’s because it’s been built on a purpose around something we care about and that is contagious for others who love what we love.

It brings more joy to our lives than any short-term quick win can bring.

Sustainable things come from the things we love.