Amazing adventure

That thing you didn’t do yesterday, or last week, or 5 years ago…you can do now, if you want or something completely new.

Each unfolding moment of our life is a new possibility, a new opportunity.

We can always start from scratch…every moment. It is like hitting the ‘new game’ button.

If only we focussed on what an absolutely amazing adventure our life is in this moment now instead of the suffering of what we didn’t do in the imaginary past that is only contained in our mind.

The problem with problems

Problems are only a problem if you choose to label it as that. Problems are a mind-construct based on projection to a future moment where the mind chooses to imagine a situation that can be labelled as problematic, which then induces psychological fear within us and the resulting emotional state in the physical body.

The mind, its ego and the story of ‘little me’, or more accurately ‘poor little me’, thrives on the drama of problems and if we do not have any, there are always others who have plenty that we can latch onto too.

Instead we can realise that right now, this moment, there are no problems, there are only real life situations, and I’m not a betting person, however, if I was to bet, I’d put a sizeable bet down that says you have no problems right now in this very moment you are reading this.

We may from time to time, and again fairly rare, have a situation that occurs in the present moment, and we can either deal with it right now, or we can’t and therefore, we can choose to let it go. If we are conscious in this moment, then things that happen now can cause no suffering as we have not had any time to imagine the suffering that the situation may cause, we just accept something has occurred and we deal with it.

As soon as the mind projects forward into the unreal realm that is the future, then the mind can, of course, find endless problems to suffer fear, worry and be anxious about. But why would we choose to do that?

Instead, if we remain conscious, then we have no problems anymore, and whatever occurs now, we can simply deal with.

Therefore, the problem with problems is that we have to choose to have them.